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Technical parts for race car in Lyon

In 1950, Enzo Ferrari described the first British Formula 1 teams “garagisti "a condescending term relegating these humble garages stables behind the prestigious " Maranello Scuderia ", who loved to see themselves as the aristocracyof the race automobile,, blue blood in a sport where sludge is king.

We are part of this category of "mechanics" within the community community of enthusiasts retro motorsport. With our experience of more than half a century in the industry, we have helped to make mechanical parts, with various collaborations around fascinated amateurs, that we may have in areas such as ULM, karting, mountain biking and racing car, combined with our passion formotorsport,as well as a manufacturer and practicing on the slopes, where we meet a plethora of "fans" of the small English car, VAN DIEMEN, LOTUS, ROYAL, HAWKE, LOLA ... .. All equipped Ford crossflow engine.

We decided to create "Techniparts Racing Cars» Industrial . The society based in Lyon, allows us :

  • To offer machined parts

  • Manufacture all kind of mechanical parts, either following model, plan, or computer files.

Motor racing, even amateur, is demanding of your car trouble finding parts historical vehicles, you may take to consider manufacturing. We will meet your needs, and give you complete satisfaction.

Technical parts for racing Lyon